Surrey Ready Meals Delivery Service

Choose from hundreds of delicious ready meals & desserts with free delivery in Surrey and across the UK. Order what you want, when you want with no contracts or subscriptions

Ready Meals & Desserts Available In Surrey

  • Chicken & Vegetable Stew
  • Cottage Pie
  • Pasta Bolognaise
  • Chicken Curry
  • Cheese and Onion Pie
  • Sunday Roast Dinner
  • Cheese & Onion Pie
  • Vegetarian Ready Meals
  • Sausage Casserole
  • Macaroni Cheese
  • Fish Pie
  • Minced Beef Hotpot
  • Vegan Ready Meals
  • Chilli Con Carne
  • Soy Free Ready Meals
  • Scampi & Chips
  • Trout In Lemon Sauce
  • Corned Beef Hash
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken
  • Gammon With Pineapple
  • Chinese Ready Meals
  • Creamy Chicken Casserole
  • Low Sugar Ready Meals
  • Minced Ready Meals
  • Apple Sponge
  • Turkey In Gravy
  • Bramley Apple Pie
  • Minced Beef Stew
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • Gluten Free Ready Meals
  • Fish & Chips
  • Mini Ready Meals
  • Indian Ready Meals
  • Bread & Butter Pudding
  • Low Fat Ready Meals
  • Frozen TV Dinners
  • Low Salt Ready Meals
  • Pre-Cooked Ready Meals
  • Ready To Eat Frozen Meals
  • Frozen Prepared Meals
  • Frozen Lunch Delivery
  • Level 4 Puree Meals
  • Level 5 Minced Meals
  • Level 6 Soft Ready Meals
  • Frozen Pudding Delivery
  • Bean & Cauliflower Curry
  • Dairy Free Meals
  • Kosher Ready Meals
  • Asian Halal Ready Meals
  • Soft Ready Meals
  • Roast Chicken & Stuffing

Convenience of Ready Meal Delivery in Surrey

Gillian Cooper, Nutritional Consultant

As an independent nutrition consultant here in the UK, I always recommend considering ready meal delivery services to my clients in Surrey who want tasty, nutritious meals without spending hours cooking and cleaning up after themselves.

  • Ready meals delivered to your door provide a convenient way to have cooked, quality meals on hand any night of the week. No more deciding what’s for dinner after a long day!
  • The variety of meal options means you can enjoy different cuisines – Italian, Indian, Chinese – without ever turning on the stove. Most services offer 20+ menu choices each week.
  • Time savings is a major benefit. In my experience, clients enjoy gaining back 2-3 hours a week that would have been spent grocery shopping, prepping and cooking meals.
  • Minimal cleanup is a huge plus. Ready meals mean no pots, pans or dishes to wash up after dinner – just reheat and eat!
  • As a nutritionist, I appreciate that meal delivery services focus on creating balanced, wholesome meals for their customers. From my professional viewpoint, they take the guesswork out of eating healthy.

With the busy pace of life in Surrey, meal delivery offers an easy, nutritious solution for those lacking the time or energy to cook. I suggest giving it a try – the convenience is hard to beat!

Variety of Meals Available in Surrey

One of the best things about ready meal delivery is the wide variety of cuisine options available each week. Here are some of the meal choices I typically see with most services in Surrey:

  • Main Dishes: From my professional viewpoint, the core of any ready meal delivery service is the main dish options like chicken tikka masala, cottage pie, fajitas, etc. Most provide 8-12 main meal choices each week.
  • Sides: Mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, rice pilaf – ready meal services offer complementary sides to pair with the mains. This adds variety to your meals.
  • Appetisers: Many companies include starters like soups, salads or garlic bread that can round out a meal. Nice bonus!
  • Desserts: The best services will also provide sweet options. Expect things like chocolate mousse, fruit crumbles or mason jar trifles.
  • Dietary Needs: From a nutrition standpoint, I appreciate companies catering to specialised diets like gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb.

With such a diversity of ready meal choices each week, you can enjoy a different delicious dinner every night of the week. The variety and flexibility is amazing. Give it a try!

How Ready Meal Delivery Services Work

As a nutrition consultant working with clients across the UK, I’m often asked how these ready meal delivery services operate – order timing, delivery options, subscriptions, etc. Here’s an overview:

  • Ordering: Most companies have an easy online ordering system where you select meals for the week ahead, usually by Thursday for the next week’s delivery. I advise reviewing the menu in advance.
  • Delivery: From my experience, food arrives fresh or frozen on your selected day (Mon-Fri typically) in a chilled box. You just unpack & prepare. Some services in Surrey even offer next day delivery!
  • Frequency: You can choose weekly deliveries or an every other week cadence. Weekly works better for avoiding food waste in my professional opinion.
  • Subscriptions: Many companies offer subscriptions where meals automatically arrive each week/month. This saves time reordering.
  • Changing Orders: Don’t worry about being locked in! I always emphasise you can update, pause or cancel orders as needed. The flexibility is great.
  • Dietary Needs: Most cater to common food preferences and restrictions. Just communicate special dietary needs upfront.
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Ready meal delivery takes the effort out of dinner. Learn more about how it works on the NHS website. Give it a go!

Choosing the Best Ready Meals for Your Needs

When selecting a specific service, it’s important to find one that fits your preferences and dietary needs. Here are some professional tips on finding the right match:

  • Taste – Sample different companies to find flavours you enjoy. Taste is subjective, so test options to see what appeals most.
  • Nutrition – Review meal plans for balanced nutrition with vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, etc. Some services even consult dieticians.
  • Food Intolerances – Many accommodate common allergies and intolerances like gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. Check company allergen policies.
  • Variety – Look for meal variety so you don’t get bored. Expand your food horizons by trying international cuisines.
  • Portion Size – Ensure meals suit your caloric needs. Most offer single-serve or family-size options.
  • Special Diets – See if they cater to preferences like low-carb, low-sodium, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
  • Quality – Choose fresh, locally sourced ingredients when possible for better flavour and nutrition.

With some savvy selection tips, you can find ready meals delivered that tick all the requirements you need.